Cambodia is a well-known country in South-east Asia, steeped in history and rich culture. But 2 decades of war destroyed nearly the entire society, including the social economic infrastructure and human resources that are the key factors in developing a country. Since the election of a democratic government in 1993, Cambodia has welcomed tourists with open arms. In the last few years, the country has opened up with the coming of peace and it is now possible to visit many more attractions than in the past. Many of these destinations are unknown to the outside world, helping the visitor feel as much an explorer as a tourist. Cambodia is justly famous for its magnificent temples, but will soon be renowned for its abundant natural attractions and empty beaches. The tourist infrastructure in Cambodia has developed tremendously in recent years, including the opening of quality hotels and restaurants and the upgrading of roads and transport links, both within the country and to neighbouring countries. Cambodia is more accessible today than at any time in the past three decades and a journey here is a journey to a land of timeless grace and charm.

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