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Why Us, Services, & Commitment

Our Story

Adventure Travel Cambodia is a local tour agency which was started by a group of English speaking university students who are local residents, grew up and went to school in the rural town of Kratie which is located along the Mekong River.

“We started as a team of street guides in 2006 with a passion to get travelers off the beaten track to uncluttered areas along the beautiful Mekong River, to surrounding mountains, forest and waterfalls. As we are local residents, we grew up and went to school in the countryside. We are local residents and no-one knows the region especially northeast area quite like us, as no other company has explored in such depth to the real life of Cambodian people. We take a great pride in our home and community. We wanted to share our special places we know and introduce our guests to different cultures and ways of life. We also follow the Mekong Discovery Trail.
We want to develop our own community, help protect the rare fresh water Irrawaddy dolphin, and support another endangered species, the Mekong shoftshell turtle conservation project. Working as tour guides in eco-tourism has been a great experience for us. We have had the chance to meet many people from all over the world.

So far we have developed projects to help and support local families and the community both directly (home-stays) and indirectly ( promoting the endangered Mekong dolphins, … ). We wanted all travelers to have fun, have an authentic experience from our original tours with the difference, meet people, learn things, explore, and do stuff they could never do at home.”
— Sithy Heng

About Services

We also offer THEMATIC TRIP that allow you to explore Cambodia in a very special way with a specialist, a personality or a teacher as an accompanist for each theme presented. Often presented themes: Photography, Videography, Resourcing, Retreat for business people, Religious festival or Particular festival. 

Tours & Excursions

We have designed various package trips that we think it’s the best of what Cambodia has to offer including family adventures, wildlife adventures, local living, kayaking, camping, trekking, educational, photography, cultural and day tours and more. It’ll fit the needs, preferences and special interests of our clients both for individuals and groups. We can also customize your itinerary to meet your schedule, interests, and budget.


We provide, safe and reliable transportation appropriate for the terrain while offering a range of unique trips. We also offer car/van/bus renting, private shuttle transfers between cities and provinces and also Airport transfer in Phnom Penh and Siem Reap with best price guarantee.

Media Services

We also provide flexible freelance media services including drone, photography, videography. If you are already professional and trying to go around and shoot, we can help you arrange transportation, translator and other needed things or if you want to follow the professional photographer and learn. We are pleased to partner with well-known, award-winning photography instructors to offer photography tours and workshops. Just give us am email or contact through the form below.