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Multiple Day Adventures

These are trips with an already established route and you can travel on the dates that suit you best and with whoever you want: partner, friends, family, etc… You also have the opportunity to modify the route to create a tailor-made trip.


Day Trip with Locals

For those of you who organize your own trip, are you looking for unique, special, authentic experiences? we also have EXCURSIONS at your disposal. We have activities available that last a few hours, up to several days.


Shuttle Transfer in Cambodia

We also offer private shuttle transfer, Taxi tour driver, transportation service for photographers, filmmaker, and location scout works with the film’s pre-production team to find the most suitable place to shoot throughout Cambodia.

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Giant Tree Roots of Mekong Flooded Forests of Ramsar Wetlands near Stung Treng Cambodia

Stung Treng

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Angkor Wat Temple 7 Wonder of the world

Siem Reap

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Cambodia Photo - Elephant with a mahout in the water - Mondulkiri


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Mekong Freshwater Irrawaddy Dolphins in Kampi Pool near Kratie


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Why Choose ATCambodia

Formerly known as Cambodian Pride Tours, we promote Real Life Adventure by Locals and offer guided educational & eco-friendly trips throughout Cambodia providing passionate guides and reliable drivers in many different themes designed for individual travelersfamily, and small groups to explore the local culture and lifestyle, wildlife adventures, unique activities & experiences, and temples of Angkor. Our passion is to take you off the beaten track to uncluttered areas along the beautiful Mekong River, to surrounding mountains, forest and waterfalls sampling the real Cambodia and gaining an authentic unforgettable experience with a personal touch. AT Cambodia’s also offer a friendly and experienced team to help you customize your itinerary to meet your schedule, interests, and budget.

We also offer THEMATIC TRIP that allow you to explore Cambodia in a very special way with a specialist, a personality or a teacher as an accompanist for each theme presented. Often presented themes: Photography, Videography, Resourcing, Retreat for business people, Religious festival or Particular festival. 

No matter how you are traveling and who you’re traveling with, we can put together an itinerary that perfectly suits your TRAVELING STYLE, whether you’re joined a group departure, are looking for a private tour, or traveling independently. Additionally, we can create trips suited to family groups, including young children; trips for school or university groups. We offer trips throughout Cambodia providing passionate guides and reliable drivers.

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